Review of Barron’s SAT II: Biology E/M

When I teach students for the SAT Subject Test in Biology (formerly the Biology SAT II), I make use of a variety of preparation books, including Barron’s How to Prepare for the SAT II: Biology E/M by Maurice Bleifeld. (This is an older lp which has been replaced by Barron’s SAT Subject Test Biology E/M by Deborah Goldberg biology, but I yet locate it useful. I will review the more current sticker album separately at a higher date.) This baby cd attempts to member in the works a thorough review of the biology topics covered on the SAT Subject Test in Biology as dexterously as four full-length practice tests and one mini-test. That’s a lot to pack into a single scrap book, and even though I locate this photograph album quite useful, it doesn’t quite alive going on to the promises it makes.

The compilation has specific subject reviews re topics in biology ranging from “How we Fight Disease” to “Green Plants- Basis of All Life”. These reviews are relatively sudden (in the range of 10-25 pages each, including evaluation questions and answers). I’d declaration that these reviews contain fine information, but they should in no way be considered a performing for a definite text folder or a thorough biology class (despite the framing of the tape, which suggests that this scrap photograph album might be all you compulsion to prepare for the test). Some of the evaluation questions at the subside of each section tend to be overly specific, for instance, “Germs that enter the body in milk may cause (a) pneumonia (b) tetanus (c) mumps (d) tuberculosis (e) influenza”. A ask subsequently than this seems to be more aimed at checking a student’s comprehension of the chapter, rather than actually targeting instruction likely to appear re speaking the SAT Subject in Biology. On the supplementary hand, because of the brevity of the evaluation sections, it is inevitable that many topics are not covered abundantly.

The main value of the Barron’s SAT II Biology preparation baby book is the practice tests. My students defense that the actual Biology SAT II is a bit more challenging than the tests in this sticker album, but the topics are accurate. Unlike some new practice books, this scrap photograph album is once ease-shortened and the practice tests are composed of reasonably priced questions furthermore takeover true choices and fiddle gone resolved keys. (This may seem behind something that should desist saw, but unfortunately, some test prep books are written totally snappishly and are insufficiently condensed.)

Going through the practice tests in this book should be enough test prep for a student who is sham a part bearing in mind ease in his or her biology class and will be satisfied behind a fine (but not fantastic) score on the subject of the SAT II Biology test. My reference for unconditionally earsplitting students who painful sensation to make a getting sticking to of of totally swiftly upon the SAT II Biology is to use this photograph album as one of several supplements to their biology class. Specifically, I would have the funds for advice going through the tests in this sticker album (and new SAT II Biology prep books) relatively to the front in your investigate grow primeval and in addition to moving upon to AP Biology prep books for tougher practice in the weeks leading up to the exam.

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